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The SG Club Special Cocktails

This bar, named after the French word for “Staircase”, offers a wide selection of premium spirits from around the world. In addition to seasonal cocktails crafted using mixology techniques, you can enjoy 7 different types of cocktails created specifically for the Escalier by “The SG Club”, leaded by the world-famous bartender Shingo Gokan, which has been officially recognized as one the world’s 50 best bars and won numerous accolades.

Piña Colada 2.0 / ピニャコラーダ 2.0
Imo, coconut, pineapple, maple, vin jaune

An upgrade to the world famous classic cocktail, the “Piña Colada”. Made with a base of “The SG Shochu IMO” and combined with “Vin Jaune” white wine for a fruity and elegant taste.

Souvenir of Ebisu / ヱビスノ思ヒ出
Mugi, osmanthus, sauternes, hallertau hop, tomato

Based on the concept of Ebisu, which prospered along with the beer factory that once stood here, this cocktail is made using German Hallertau hops which are typically used in beer crafting. The name comes from the fact that in the Japanese language, the word “Ebisu” read backwards is pronounced almost the same as the word “souvenir”.

Fizzed Apples / 泡立ったリンゴ達 / フィズドアップルズ
Calvados, spiced apple, apple tea, cider, tonic

A refreshing and aromatic cocktail that combines multiple layers of apples and spices. The name of this cocktail is a word play using the “up” from the expression “fizzed-up” and the word “apple” to express both the bubbling effect and the various types of apples used in this cocktail.

Smoke and Mirrors / 煙に巻く
Laphroaig 10y, kokuto de lequio, umeshu, koji

Inspired by the Escalier's concept of smoke, this is a peated scotch whisky based cocktail that combines brown sugar liqueur, koji and umeshu to create a smooth yet rich in flavor smoky concoction. Just like magicians use smoke and mirrors to enchant people, smoke is used in this cocktail to embellish it with a special appearance and aroma.

Jasmine Scent-sation / ジャスミン “香”セーション
Dragon fruits, lychee, jasmine, rose

This non-alcoholic mocktail allows you to enjoy the splendid taste and aroma of Jasmine and various kinds of fresh fruits with all your five senses. Although it looks simple, the moment you take a sip you will notice a wide variety of flavors spread out from it.

Macchiato on the Rock / マキアートオンザロック
Kome, sake lees, fig leaf, milk brew coffee

As its name suggests, this cocktail is made with macchiato served on the rocks. The macchiato-inspired flavor is characterized by the use of milk to bring together complex ingredients, granting it a flavor that goes perfectly with desserts.

Meshes of the Afternoon / 午後の網目
Chamomile, hibiscus, lemon balm

This cocktail takes its name from a short film by Maya Deren (1943) about a woman who falls asleep at her lover’s place while waiting for him to come home. This beverage is inspired and aims to recreate the main sequence of the film in which, while dreaming, the woman enters the room of her loved one. This scene then proceeds to repeat itself many times over with subtle changes, and its meaning is highly subjective and up to the viewers’ interpretation. This non-alcoholic mocktail can be enjoyed with dessert even by those sensitive to caffeine.