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Sky Bar Escalier

Sky Bar Escalier

Escalier, symbolizes staircase in French, atops the hotel. In a hideaway-like space behind a hidden door, surprise yourself with crafted cocktails that are only available here. Enjoy a luxuriant time with a panoramic view of Tokyo from the window seats.
Food Menu

Teppanyaki "Yebisu" Special Menu

Specially created by the head chef of The Westin Tokyo's Teppanyaki Restaurant "Yebisu", we bring you a special food menu exclusive to Skybar Escalier.

Made with medium-rare grilled loin of our signature Yebisu wagyu black beef, the "Yebisu Beefsteak Sandwich" uses hotel-made premium quality bread together with our special-made onion sauce for a heavenly harmony of taste.

The "Yebisu Beef Burger" features a succulent Yebisu beef patty and is served with freshly baked original buns from the hotel's bakery.

Indulge in this special menu with these and other dishes alongside our premium selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Yebisu beef burger: 4,500 JPY
Yebisu beefsteak sandwich: 5,000 JPY

Spring Cocktails

Sakura Biyori & One Glass of Hundred Flowers

3.1 (Fri) - 5.31 (Fri) *Sakura Biyori will be offered until April 30th

Only available at the Escalier, we are offering special Spring cocktails that gently resemble flowers in full bloom.

Inspired by the image of cherry blossoms gracefully falling on the snow, we present "Sakura Biyori", a cocktail with a gentle spring-like cherry blossom scent.

Resembling a spring meadow, "One glass of Hundred Flowers" is a blend of floral tea, fresh fruits and honey liqueur and features a rich wine-like flavor with the gentle scent of flowers.
Delight in the gentle taste of Spring while enjoying the panoramic views of Tokyo from the top floor of the hotel.

Price: 2,800 JPY each

Premium Spirits

Skybar Escalier Premium Spirits Collection

We are offering a carefully selected collection of premium spirits. Relish in the unique taste of Escalier with our line-up of special cocktails or by the glass.

Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru
Glass:1,800 JPY
Cocktail:¥3,000 JPY

KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin
Glass:2,000 JPY
Cocktail:3,000 JPY

Tequila Clase Azul Reposado
Glass:5,000 JPY
Cocktail:5,000 JPY

Don Julio 1942
Glass:5,000 JPY
Cocktail:5,000 JPY

2.13 (Tue) - 4.30 (Tue)

Skybar Strawberry Dessert Ensemble

A "Strawberry Dessert Ensemble" will be served for a limited time at Sky Bar Escalier. Indulge in this carefully crafted selection of desserts gracefully arranged on a single plate resembling a collection of jewels.  Treat yourself to a luxurious and elegant time and relish in the harmony of strawberries together with the breathtaking view of Tokyo from the top floor of the hotel. 

Price: 4,800 JPY

Seat Information

Counter seats, sofa seats, window seats are available.

Until 6PM
Window seat: 2,000 JPY per table
Other seats: free of charge

After 6PM
Window seat: 5,000 JPY per table
Other seats: 1,200 JPY per person